Fort Myers Beach

One Of The More Popular Southwest Florida Beaches

Fort Myers Beach Florida

Fort Myers Beach Photo Courtesy of - Paul Hamilton

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What Is Fort Myers Beach?

Fort Myers Beach Florida is one of the more popular Florida beach vacation destinations, keep this in mind when you plan your vacation in Florida.

As far as Florida beach resorts go, it is great for singles or couples as well as Florida family beach vacations.

If you look at the Florida Map the beach is away from the town of Fort Myers, but all in the same area.

The town located on Estero Island and is part of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. San Carlos Island along with Estero Island makes up the community of Fort Myers.

It is a lively town with a tropical climate. This means even in the winter it is mild to warm and the summer tends to be long and hot, with the majority of rainfall from June to September.

If you were to come to the area by boat you would be able to see how beautiful and lovely the beach is and why it is one of the best beach vacations in Florida.

Have a look at this Video of the beach from a boat and you well see what I mean.

Fort Myers Beach and Pier

Have a look at this video to give you a welcome to Fort Myers before you decide on your Florida Beach Vacation.

It is well worth watching to give you an overview of the area.

Fort Myers Beach Pier and the Lynn Hall Memorial Park is next to Times Square and is a very popular area as it is right on the gulf front. You have a choice of shopping and restaurants if you do get tired of the beach.

If you like you can fish off the pier, but it is licensed. There are also shelters for picnicking that have grills for your use. However, you cannot book these it is a first come basis.

To keep the kids entertained there is a playground, and you can shower with the outdoor freshwater showers. You can change in the restroom facilities that are available.

Every year there is a Sand Sculpture contest, and if you are there when it is being done it is really good.

Here is a video showing you what it is about.

There are about 100 pay parking spaces within the park itself, which means it might fill up early.

However, along the entire beach there are 25 public beach accesses to the beach, and they are not hard to find as they are marked and easily seen.

These accesses are from Estero Boulevard, and you will usually find public parking at these accesses.

Bowditch Point Regional Park

This is located at the northern tip of Estero Island.

It is 17 acres but it is a Florida Gulf Coast beach, and this area is the most active in people swimming or just enjoying their Florida beach vacation in the sunshine.

Once again, this park area has the facility of a picnic area with tables and grills. If you like to spend your money, there are also a concession selling food and souvenirs.

And if you are like me, you want there to be restrooms, which there are along with the usual changing facilities.

Within this park, you have car parking for around 75 cars.

All in all, it is quite a good Florida Gulf Coast beach.

Lovers Key Beach

For a very long time, the only way that you could get to this Florida gulf coast beach was by boat.

This is the reason for the name, as only lovers would do this because of being remote and solitary they would not be bothered.

The beach is two miles long and can now be reached by a boardwalk or if you like a tram and has become popular for shelling, swimming and sunbathing.

You well not be alone there as this gulf beach is famous for wildlife. This Fort Myers beach is home to rabbits and eagles, to name a few. In the water, you have bottlenose dolphins and West Indian manatees.

Have a look at some dolphins at Lovers Key.

If you do go on your Florida beach vacation to Lovers Key, I am sure you will have a very good time.


For a final overview, sit back relax pretend you are having an ice cream, from the ice cream shop in Times Square Fort Myers, and enjoy.

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Fort Myers Beach Florida Cabannas

Fort Myers Beach Cabannas
Photo Courtesy of Marina Aguiar

Fort Myers Beach Florida Having Fun

Having Fun Ft Myers Beach
Photo Courtesy of Katherine Johnson

Fort Myers Beach Florida Sunset

Fort Myers Beach Sunset
Photo Courtesy of Alan Phillpot

Fort Myers Beach Pier

Fort Myers Beach Pier
Photo Courtesy of Katherine Johnson

Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpture

Fort Myers Sand Sculpture
Photo Courtesy of Katherine Johnson

Fort Myers Beach Weekend Crowds

Fort Myers Beach Weekend
Photo Courtesy of Beth Rankin

Fort Myers Lovers Key Beach

Lovers Key Beach
Photo Courtesy of Alan Phillpot

Ft Myers Beach Florida

Fort Myers Beach
Photo Courtesy of Katherine Johnson

Ft Myers Beach Florida Birds

Fort Myers Beach Birds
Photo Courtesy of Digital Magic Photography

Times Square Fort Myers Beach Florida

Times Square Fort Myers Beach
Photo Courtesy of Katherine Johnson

Walking on Fort Myers Beach

Walking on Ft Myers Beach
Photo Courtesy of Beth Rankin

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