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For all European Websites that are a general travel related site.

You can have your own European Website Free Page to tell the world about it.

When you do a link exchange, is it the usual text link only?

How would you like to do a link exchange where you can have a whole web page as long as you want, just for your website, and even add up to four photos?

Yes, that's right a whole page and four photos.

This type of link is completely free as long as your site is a general travel related website.

The same type of link back would be nice, but is not required. If you can only do a text link back that is fine.

So, why not have a link exchange that you can tell and show everyone what your website is really like.

This is really simple to do, all you have to do is fill in the form on the Travel Resources


For non-general European travel sites like bed and breakfast, European hotels, tour companies, car hire or airlines with flights within and to Europe you can advertise here in the same manner or use another type of ad, just use the contact us form to request further information.

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