Captiva Island
Secluded And Very Tranquil

Going to Captiva Beach

On Captiva Island, it doesn't matter if you are young or old.
Everyone can have a good time!

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Heading - What is Captiva Island?

If you were to ask people about Florida tourism and when planning their Florida Beach Vacations would they consider Captiva as part of their vacation in Florida, many would have never heard of Captiva.

Although it is smaller than Sanibel Island, Captiva Island is Florida's hidden gem with its pristine beaches and fabulous sunsets.

If you are into shelling, then you well have a perfect Florida beach vacation by digging just below the sand for seashells.

As I found out Captiva is actually made up of shells, which have taken thousands of years to come to its present condition.

If you are not into shelling how about taking a boating trip where you well encounter dolphins, blue herons and other birds.

As a matter of fact, you may even see some of the wildlife from the beach when you walk to the waters edge to have a swim in some of Florida's bluest waters.

If you are not into taking a boat ride, just rent a bike, take your camera with you, and you well come back with some of the most spectacular pictures of Florida Gulf coast beaches.

If you have read about Sanibel Island, you might be interested to know that Captiva and Sanibel used to be one Florida Island. In 1926 a hurricane hit and the storm surge created a new channel.

As I also found out if you are driving the only way onto Captiva is, by the way, of the Sanibel Causeway and Sanibel-Captiva Road.

As with many of the roads in America there is a toll on use the causeway and road.

Captiva is not very big and half of the island is private ownership with many luxury homes.

If you are going to the Captiva beach on the south island the entry is at the end of San-Cap road.

Here is a good Welcome Video To Captiva to give you a feel of the island.

Is there another Captiva Island?

The simple answer is YES. North Captiva Island or Upper Captiva severed from Captiva in a 1921 hurricane.

This island is accessed normally by boat or a small plane as there is no auto-mobile access to the island.

Regular ferry service runs from Pine Island Marina at two hour intervals - serving both tourists and locals that do not have their own boat or plane.

You might think why should I go to all this trouble to see North Captiva. It is a beautiful place that can hold its own with south west Florida Beaches and well worth the trouble to get there.

The following is a really good video of what the beach is like there.

Capita Island Tourism

Florida counts very much on its tourists, but Florida tourism on Captiva Island is ranked as the number one industry.

Due to its small size, you can understand why this is.

They do make the tourist feel welcomed and in the past people such as Teddy Roosevelt, and Charles Lindbergh used to go to Captiva Island.

Lindbergh even used to land his plane on the beach.

Captiva is considered so beautiful that in 2010 it was selected with Sanibel Island as one of the 10 best places for a second home.

It is also acclaimed as one of America's most romantic beaches due to its fabulous sunsets. How about that Florida Beach Wedding?

Here is a video that will show you why so many people love Captiva. It is about five minutes long but very good.

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Captiva Island Beach

Captiva Island Beach
Photo Courtesy of Pat Williams

Captiva Beach Parking

Captiva Beach Parking
Photo Courtesy of Mroach

Captiva Island Beach Sunset

Captiva Island Beach Sunset
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Rothamel Real Estate Zebra

Captiva Island Beach Houses

Captiva Beach Houses
Photo Courtesy of Pat Williams

Captiva Island Beach Seat

Captiva Island Beach Seat
Photo Courtesy of Pat Williams

Captiva Island in February

Captiva Island in February
Photo Courtesy of Pat Williams

Captiva Island Walk On The Beach

Captiva Walk On The Beach
Photo Courtesy of Bill Andrews

Captiva The Mucky Duck

Captiva The Mucky Duck
Photo Courtesy of Dan Ham Guy

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