California Vacation Ideas - Central California

by Ken
(Monterey County, CA)

Yes - this is California! Southern Monterey County

Yes - this is California! Southern Monterey County

Yes - this is California! Southern Monterey County Gorgeous sunset over Hearst Castle in Central California The Monterey Bay Aquarium - One of the best attractions anywhere A view of one of the Big Sur beaches in Central California

Florida is a wonderful place and I've enjoyed visiting that great state. Great beaches, great attractions.

However, California is my home and Central California is the subject of my site

If you've never been to California, there are lots of misconceptions about what this state is like. It's not all about LA or San Francisco or Hollywood. It's not even about sprawling suburbs.

If you have been here before, chances are you might have missed some of the best natural and man-made attractions because you didn't know where to look.

There is a California that is very like what you might have found 60 or 70 years ago - a place that is quiet and friendly and slow-paced.

Not everyone that visits finds this particular California, but I assure you, it does exist and if you visit my site, I can show you where to find it.

Wine tasting tours; backroad drives; quaint little towns with one-room school houses; historic lighthouses; whale watching; visiting 200 year old Spanish missions and of course taking the ultimate scenic drive - Big Sur.

All these things await you in Central California. Come visit us here.

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